Welcome to IJMTS

Welcome to the International Journal of Media and Translation Studies (IJMTS), a refereed publication of media and translation studies.

IJMTS comes in response to the need to bring translation and media studies into one peer-reviewed publication to examine the increasing interdependence of translation and the media in a global media world.

The journal is published twice a year by Translation Standards Institute, publisher of the successful MLA-index refereed journal Translation Watch Quarterly, Australia's first ever refereed journal of translation studies.

Aims and Scope

The aim of International Journal of Media and Translation Studies (IJMTS) is to publish original research or contribution to the existing literature on media, mass communication and translation in one high-quality publication.

Published twice a year, IJMTS is a journal of Translation Standards Institute, the world's first translation-dedicated standards organization, devoted to the study and promotion of knowledge about translation and interpreting quality standards. Each quarterly issue shall include original refereed articles, research papers, case studies, concept papers, position papers and book reviews dealing with these themes and other media and translation issues.

The Journal aims to publish a blend of theoretical, empirical, and policy related papers addressing media, mass communication and translation and cutting through the full range of disciplines, streams of research and strands of specializations.

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Call for Papers

Translation and Media: Convergence of Cross-Cultural Communication Modalities in a Globalized World

The International Journal of Media and Translation Studies (IJMTS) is currently considering papers for inclusion in its first issue launching in 2012 devoted to examining the convergence phenomenon of media and translation in an increasingly globalized media world.

As the world becomes more globalized, it is envisaged that global media will eventually dissolve cultural differences and synthesize values and information across nations into one dominant culture. Such is a utopian vision that is built on the assumption that global media are dramatically affecting all nations universally and evenly; it also takes a simplistic view of the complexities of communication, cultures, economies and politics of knowledge transfer and translation mediation.

Among other things, the papers should address themes relating to media and translation in a global media environment and the challenges of convergence of media and translation for languages, cultures, values and social  and cultural representations. Coverage includes, but is not limited to:

  • Audiovisual translation
  • Cross-cultural media representations
  • Role of media translation in the construction of a universal global culture
  • Impact of satellite television on migrant and minority groups
  • Social media education
  • Animation and avatars across cultures
  • Japanese Manga comics and local cultures 
  • Media translation 
  • Media translation pedagogy
  • Language and translation policy in a converged global media environment

Research papers, case studies, concept papers, position papers and book reviews dealing with these themes and other media and translation issues are encouraged.

The Journal will accept and review submissions in English, and a body of international peers will review all submissions and recommend author revisions, where needed, to ensure a high-quality publication. 

Submissions to this peer-reviewed journal should be between 8 and 20 pages in APA format and should be sent as a Word document by email by 31 August 2011 to:

Ali Darwish PhD
Founding Chief Editor
International Journal of Media & Translation Studies

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 30 April 2011.

All submissions are double-blind peer-reviewed.

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